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What is AI Palette

AI Palette is an AI- powered color palette creator that painlessly generates stirring color schemes. It uses AI technology to study millions of color combinations and find the bones that truly inspire.

Uses of AI Palette

  • To use AI Palette, simply click on the’ induce‘ button to gain a new suggested color palette.
  • The palette will vary grounded on the number of times you induce it.
  • You can also change the color of the Artboard by clicking on the’ Apply‘ buttonalso, you can use the Chat GPT.
  • AI model to produce a distinctive color palette grounded on textual inputJust input your asked color in the designated box.
  • And click the hunt button to induce a color palette. You can modify the colors generated for each palette with ease for accessible customization.

Features of AI Palette

  • Painlessly induce stirring color schemes
  • AI technology studies millions of color combinations
  • incontinently uncover your ideal color palette
  • Generate color palettes in seconds
  • Accessible customization of color palettes

FAQ of AI Palette


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