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What is Article.Audio

With the help of Article.Audio, you can quickly turn content into excellent audio. It is simple to convert any written text into audio format because more than 140 languages are supported and the human voices sound natural.

Uses of Article.Audio

To utilize Article.Audio, just take these actions:

  • Use your email address or Google account to register or log in.
  • Select the article’s language for conversion.
  • Submit the article by sending in a web link, a text or PDF file upload, or even an image of the piece.
  • Decide on your ideal speaking timbre and manner.
  • Choose the ‘Convert’ option to convert the article into an audio file.
  • After the conversion is finished, you can either manage the audio by adding tags or listen to it.
  • Sharing the audio with others is another option.

Features of Article.Audio

Among Article.Audio’s primary characteristics are:

  1. Instant conversion: Generate audio versions of articles quickly.
  2. Multiple languages: For audio conversion, select from more than 140 languages.
  3. Human-like voices: For a better listening experience, take pleasure in hearing voices that sound natural.
  4. Different speaking tenors: Choose from a variety of tenors, including newscast, chat, and narrator.
  5. Audio management: Tag your recordings so you can locate them quickly in the future.
  6. Options for sharing: Distribute your converted audio files to others.

FAQ of Article.Audio


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