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What is AudioNinja

An AI-powered platform called AudioNinja offers cutting-edge capabilities for accurate audio processing and analysis. Users can use it to detect the key and BPM of any music, extract particular parts from songs, and remove voices from them. With its cutting edge technology, it offers unmatched precision and accuracy, making it ideal for podcasters, musicians, and researchers alike.

Uses of AudioNinja

To extract vocals from a song, upload it to AudioNinja and enjoy instrumental and acapella versions. To isolate a theme or find the key BPM of a song, use the relevant tool on the platform.

Features of AudioNinja

  • It is possible to separate vocals from any song to create instrumentals, remixes, and karaoke tracks.
  • NinjaUnmix uses an artificial intelligence-driven stem separator to separate elements like drums, bass, and more.
  • Bpm and key finder is an easy way to find the key and BPM of any song.

FAQ of AudioNinja


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