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Cleanvoice AI

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What is Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence tool that helps edit audio recordings, particularly useful for podcasts. It uses AI to automatically remove unwanted sounds from your recordings, saving you time and effort. Here’s what Cleanvoice AI can do:

  • Eliminate filler words (such as “um” and “uh”), mouth sounds (like lip smacking), and stutters from your speech
  • Remove background noise and reverb from your recording
  • Identify and eliminate periods of silence (dead air)

Cleanvoice AI even supports multiple languages and accents, making it a versatile tool for creators around the world.

Uses of Cleanvoice AI

  • To utilize Cleanvoice AI, just submit your audio file(s) and let the AI system to eliminate stuttering, mouth noises, and filler sounds from them.
  • The cleaned findings are then available for download or export.
  • In addition, Cleanvoice AI provides capabilities like timeline export for manual editing help, mouth sound and stutter reduction, multilingual filler sound removal, and dead air removal.

Features of Cleanvoice AI

  • Filler Words Remover
  • Background Noise Remover
  • Podcast Summary & Shownotes
  • Silence Remover
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Podcast Mixing
  • Breath Remover
  • Stutter Remover

FAQ of Cleanvoice AI


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