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What is End Boost

Within the world of sound alteringConclusion Boost alludes to a computer program highlight planned to naturally move forward the by and large blend of a video. It accomplishes this by analyzing the sound and applying alterations like volume bends, compression, restricting, and ducking

Uses of End Boost

  • Moment your sound into Conclusion Boost from any NLE or DAW and let our program consequently blend your voice, music and sound impacts tracks.
  • Conclusion Boost will apply custom volume bends, compression, restricting and ducking by tuning in to your sound and give you with a incredible by and large blend.

Features of End Boost

  • 25+ Keen Preset Combos for Each Utilize Case
  • Automatically get the correct fashion sound blend for your video
  • For any combination of Voice, Music and Sound Effects
  • AI De-noising & Mastering
  • Windows and macOS desktop app
  • Supports each NLE utilizing wav-file moment and tradeDebut Professional, DaVinci Resolve, Last Cut Professional X, Magix Vegas and more
  • Alex sound Butler’s Algorithms Inside

FAQ of End Boost


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