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What is ExtendMusic.AI

ExtendMusic.AI is an imaginative AI innovation that permits music makers to upgrade and expand their unique compositions. By utilizing state-of-the-art AI generative models, clients can transfer their existing tracks and let the AI create motivating pieces that improve their sound.

Uses of ExtendMusic.AI

  • Transfer your sound: Select the sound you need to amplify from your gadget or from a YouTube video.
  • Cut the soundSelect the particular segment of your sound that you’d like to amplify. The checked conclusion will be the beginning point for creating unused music.
  • Amplify your testSelect the specified term to expand your test and tap ‘Extend audio’. The AI will produce modern music based on the chosen area.

Features of ExtendMusic.AI

  • Sound TransferEffortlessly transfer your sound tracks from your gadget or YouTube.
  • Test Cutting: Select the particular segment of your sound to utilize as the beginning point for creating unused music.
  • Test ExpansionExpand your test with a craved term to create rousing music.
  • AI Generative Models: Utilize state-of-the-art AI innovation to produce modern melodic compositions.

FAQ of ExtendMusic.AI


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