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What is FotoMedley

Publish your images into personalized activity pages and physical books with the help FotoMedley.
Transform your photographs into one of our many coloring pages, activity pages, or rendering styles. Simply upload to see the results!

Uses of FotoMedley

  • Make personalized coloring books.
  • Create digital artworks with images
  • Print customized activity sheets.
  • Create artwork with a variety of artistic mediums.
  • Delete the backdrop from pictures

Features of FotoMedley

  • Turn your images into coloring books, activity sheets, and renderings.
  • Personalize coloring book covers on the front and back.
  • Create your own coloring and activity sheets for the inside.
  • Create personalized coloring books.
  • Create digital artworks using your images. Print personalized activity papers for each person.
  • There are many possible art styles.
  • utility processing for background removal

FAQ of FotoMedley


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