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What is LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI is a coming- generation oral way and music source separation service for presto, easy, and precise stem birth. It utilizes AI- powered technology to prize lyrics, instruments, cans, bass, piano, guitar, and synthesizer tracks from any audio or videotape train without compromising quality.

Uses of LALAL.AI

To use LALAL.AI, simply upload the audio or videotape train you want to resolve. The service will snappily and directly separate the lyrics and necessary tracks. As a new stoner, you’ll need to subscribe up to split the entire train and download the full stems. Choose from different package options, similar as Starter, Lite, Plus, Master, Premium, and Enterprise, depending on your requirements and volume of lines to be reused. Once you have named a package, follow the prompts to complete the payment process. subsequently, you can download the uprooted tracks in high quality.

Features of LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI offers the following features:

1. Stem Splitter: Extract vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, guitar, synth, string & wind instruments from audio and video files.

2. Voice Cleaner: Remove background music, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted noises from audio recordings.

3. Tools & API: Download LALAL.AI applications for convenient use on different devices and integrate their powerful AI technology into your website or service through the provided API.



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