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Moises App

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What is Moises App

Moises app is a sophisticated music practice tool that helps artists to remove voices, separate instruments, master recordings, and remix compositions using artificial intelligence (AI). It includes a complete collection of options to improve and customize the practice experience.

Uses of Moises App

  1. Installing Moises App from Google Play or the App Store is the first step in using it.
  2. You may import your preferred tracks into the app once it has been installed.
  3. From there, you may separate the drums, guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments in any song using the AI audio separation technology. To help you practice at your own pace, the app also includes an audio speed slider and smart metronome.
  4. With AI key detection, you may change the key and pitch, and chord detection allows you to transpose chords in real time.
  5. The Moises App offers a variety of tools to improve your musical abilities and is intended for drummers, vocalists, bassists, guitarists, and other musicians.

Features of Moises App

  • AI-assisted audio separation
  • A smart audio speed switcher and metronome
  • AI key detection and pitch alteration
  • Identification of chords

FAQ of Moises App


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