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What is Speechki

Speechki is a website that provides a text-to-speech (TTS) solution with a twist: AI-generated, lifelike voices. They claim to have over 1,100 voices in 80+ languages, enabling you to turn text into audio that sounds realistic.

Uses of Speechki

🌟 Real-time Proof-Listening
Perfect your audio output on the fly with continuous proof-listening, allowing fast changes during text-to-speech conversion.
🌟 Chapter-like Formatting and Navigation
Organize material smoothly with book-chapter-inspired structure, improving the user experience for clear and coherent audio representation.
🌟 Streamlined Role Management
Simplify the process by giving jobs to different text parts within the visual editor, ensuring smooth talks between characters.
🌟 Precision Pause Control
Fine-tune audio output by carefully controlling breaks, providing a more natural and enjoyable listening experience.
🌟 Nuanced Speech Control
Take charge of speech nuances using advanced features like prosody, phonemes, and other SSMLs, allowing for expressive and real audio output.
🌟 Global Reach with Multicast and Multilanguage
Expand your audience abroad with support for broadcast and multilanguage, providing material in multiple languages to different users.

Features of Speechki

  • Real-time Proof-Listening Navigation and Formatting Similar to Chapters
  • Simplified Role Administration Accurate Pause Control
  • Sensitive Speech Management
  • Worldwide Coverage with Multiple Casts and Languages

FAQ of Speechki


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