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Stable Audio

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What is Stable Audio

Stable Audio is a website that creates music and sound effects using artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of their primary product, Stable Audio, users may compose and produce music tracks up to three minutes in length by inputting audio samples and optionally supplying written descriptions. Those who want to create music but lack the necessary instruments or musical skills may find this helpful. A user manual is also available to assist users in getting started with the platform.

Uses of Stable Audio

You can create music with text explanations with Stable Audio. Stable Audio composes the music based on your description of your desired sound. Additionally, they offer a function where you may upload your own audio and edit it with text instructions.

Features of Stable Audio

  • AI generative for sound effects and music
  • Use AI to produce unique sound effects and music.
  • Both novices and experts may use it.
  • Custom-length music production
  • Utilizing the most recent audio diffusion models
  • Superior sound quality in 44.1 kHz stereo

FAQ of Stable Audio


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