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What is Xound.io

Xound.io is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve music especially for content makers
Overall, Xound.io is meant to help content makers produce professional-sounding audio, even if they don’t have access to expensive recording tools or editing software.

Uses of Xound.io

Using Xound.io is pretty straightforward:

  1. Upload your music or video file: Xound.io lets dragging and dropping your video file onto their screen
  2. Xound studies the file: The AI will instantly study your shared file to find places for improvement
  3. Refine your audio: You have choices to handle the full file or pick a specific section. Xound.io offers various changes you can make like noise reduction strength and a preview function to compare before and after
  4. Download the expanded file: Once you’re happy with the changes, you can download the better audio or video file.

Features of Xound.io

    • 🌟 Pitch adjustment by nature
    • 🌟 Elimination of background noise
    • 🌟 sophisticated methods for improving audio
    • 🌟 Improved quality of sound
    • 🌟 elevated frequency of presence
    • 🌟 compression of the dynamic range

FAQ of Xound.io


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